Electoral Services Public Engagement Survey

Why are we doing this?: 

This short survey will help us understand what services are needed from our electoral services department to ensure that residents of Wrexham understand where and how to take part in our democracy by registering to vote, and voting, in elections.

What we found out: 

The survey results were very encouraging, with consistently above 80% awareness of local, national and UK elections and nearly 93% of participants already being registered to vote.

Areas to focus on are raising awareness among young people and foreign nationals.

What difference has it made?: 

The results of the survey have given us focal points for future promotional work.

While we will continue to promote our services to all residents, the questionnaire shows that there is work to be done in raising awareness among young people and foreign nationals. As a result, we will be focussing on these various relevant groups on social media as well as working with third-sector organisations.

The results have also informed HOW we will do this. Respondents told us (overwhelmingly) that they prefer to access information via our website (76%) so we will be ensuring that information is sent out when the website it updated.

65% of respondents use social media with 88% using Facebook. We now know that this is an excellent platform to reach people with relevant messages.

Consultation start date 01 April 2023
Consultation end date 31 May 2023


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