Current and planned consultations

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View more details for consultation Ageing Well Questionnaire Ageing Well Questionnaire Wrexham County Borough Council 21 Nov 2023 15 Jan 2024
Why are we doing this?
We are seeking World Health Organization membership for Age Friendly Status for Wrexham
What do we want to know?
We want to gather the views of citizens over 50 in the Wrexham area on how they feel their community serves them aged 50 and over.
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View more details for consultation Suitability Criteria for Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers Suitability Criteria for Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Drivers Wrexham County Borough Council 30 Oct 2023 11 Dec 2023
Why are we doing this?

The Department for Transport (DfT) standards and the Welsh Government’s Harmonisation of Taxi and Private Hire Vehicle Licensing document were published in July 2020 and March 2021 respectively. Both publications focus on the imperative to ensure that licenses are held only by those who are fit and proper to do so.

The DfT publication sets out detailed standards against which individuals with previous convictions should be assessed. The Welsh Government harmonisation document endorses the same standards.

An analysis of Wrexham council's existing standards for taxi drivers and operators shows that they are not consistent with the DfT standard with differing rules applying in the same circumstances with regard to previous convictions of applicants for driver licences.

Revised suitability criteria are therefore needed in order to comply with the DfT standard and Welsh Government guidelines.

What do we want to know?

We are seeking views on revised suitability criteria that will be considered prior to a final decision on adoption. Views are sought from drivers, operators, vehicle proprietors, trade bodies, users of taxis, user groups, the residents of the County Borough and any other interested parties.

Three documents are provided to assist interested parties in reviewing the revised suitability criteria:

  1. Draft revised Suitability Criteria 
  2. Current Suitability Criteria
  3. Key changes 

Clicking on the above will permit downloading of each document.

Interested parties are invited to review the draft suitability criteria (document 1) and provide any feedback. To assist, respondents can also view the current suitability criteria (document 2) and the document that highlights the key changes between the current and the proposed suitability criteria (document 3).

Please provide feedback to

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View more details for consultation St Mary's Church in Wales, Voluntary Aided School, Brymbo St Mary's Church in Wales, Voluntary Aided School, Brymbo Wrexham County Borough Council 23 Oct 2023 12 Jan 2024
Why are we doing this?

This consultation is for increasing pupil capacity at St Mary's, Brymbo.

The Council wishes to seek the views of interested parties regarding the proposal to increase the pupil capacity at St Mary’s Church in Wales (CIW) Voluntary Aided (VA) School, Brymbo from 154 to 210 from September 2025, with the potential to increase further to 315 if required as a result of future housing developments. The new school will be designed in a way that will allow future expansion easily if the need to increase numbers to 315 is realised.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your views.  Please note that whilst we welcome and take account of all views received, we are not able to reply to individual questions or comments sent in response to the consultation.

Your comments will be made available to Elected Members for decision making purposes and they will also be responded to via publication of a post consultation report.

Comments received during this period will be taken into consideration before the objection report is finalised.

The consultation period for this proposal starts on 23rd October 2023 and ends on 12th January 2023.

Please note: There will be a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) sheet available during the consultation this will be updated during the consultation period.




What do we want to know?

We would like to know what you think about the proposal to increase the number of pupils on roll at St Mary's Brymbo? 

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View more details for consultation Wrexham Woodland Pledge Wrexham Woodland Pledge Wrexham County Borough Council 25 Jul 2022 30 Dec 2024
Why are we doing this?

Trees and woodlands are an essential part of our towns and countryside. They are important for our health, wellbeing and quality of life. We cannot take their future for granted.

Climate change, pests and diseases, building development, modern agricultural practices and misplaced perceptions of risk are just some of the problems that threaten our trees.

At Wrexham Council we have developed the ‘Woodland Pledge’ to help protect trees and woodlands across the county borough. The pledge also encourages people to get outdoors to enjoy trees and woodlands in their neighbourhood.

What do we want to know?
  • We want to know how the people of Wrexham feel about trees and woodlands in their county.
  • We want people to demonstrate their support for trees and woodlands in Wrexham by signing up to the pledge .
  • We want to encourage everyone to join, including those who are part of a local business, community group or organisation.
  • By signing up to the pledge you will join our mailing list, where you can find out how to get involved in 4 different ways:

1. Woodland creation

Tree planting to create new woodland or expand existing woodlands throughout Wrexham. Help us plant more trees by joining one of our tree planting schemes across the county.

2. Woodland conservation

Protect and enhance areas of existing woodland for biodiversity, climate change recovery and good quality habitat.

3. Woodland celebration

Allow nature connection within woodlands for health, wellbeing, play and education.

4. Woodland commendation

Understand how valuable trees and woodlands are to our everyday lives.