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View more details for consultation Draft Statement of Gambling Policy Draft Statement of Gambling Policy Wrexham County Borough Council 20 Mar 2023 02 Apr 2023
Why are we doing this?

In accordance with the Gambling Act 2005, the statement of licensing policy is a very important part of the architecture of local gambling regulation and it is expected that licensing authorities will use it to set out the local issues, priorities and risks that inform and underpin its approach to local regulation.

It provides the opportunity for licensing authorities to agree and set out how gambling is to be managed in different parts of the local authority area to deal with local concerns and issues. It provides clarity of expectation for licensees and prospective licensees about how their businesses are likely to be treated in different localities. The existence of a clear and agreed policy statement will provide greater scope for licensing authorities to work in partnership with local businesses, communities, and responsible authorities to identify and mitigate local risks to the licensing objectives.

Once published the Statement of Licensing Policy shall (subject to any further reviews and consultation) be in force for a further period of three years.

Where the policy statement is reviewed and changes proposed, licensing authorities must consult on any revision.  

What do we want to know?

We are seeking the views of citizens and stakeholders on the Draft Statement of Gambling Policy by no later than 02 April, 2023.

Please forward your feedback and comments to:

Should you wish to provide feedback in an alternative format, please email your request or contact the Licensing Team on 01978 298990.

There are activities for you:

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View more details for consultation Placemaking Plan Placemaking Plan Wrexham County Borough Council 20 Feb 2023 21 Apr 2023
Why are we doing this?


The Placemaking Plan is about improving the centre of Wrexham and encouraging people to re-imagine and influence how it should look, feel, and function. Specifically, we want placemaking to promote better design and development, and help establish more appealing social, cultural, economic uses and activities.

The final version of the Plan will include a comprehensive delivery plan reflecting wider consultation and involvement. It will include agreed priorities for both the Council and its partners, identifying the level and sources of funding and governance structures that will steer the Plan’s delivery.

In June 2022 Wrexham County Borough Council became a signatory of the Placemaking Charter in Wales. We apply the principles of the Charter to the whole County Borough, and they provide a framework for delivering our ambitions of becoming the UK City of Culture and other plans such as the Destination Management Plan, the World Heritage Site Masterplan; the Council Housing Strategy; the Active Travel Plan, and the emerging Digital Plan.


Wrexham is a place with a unique and proud identity. Currently, it is one of the most talked about places in the UK and has a growing international profile. Our growth and ambition have been raised significantly through the award of City Status for the whole County Borough, advancing to the final stage of the 2025 City of Culture, and there’s also the global spotlight on Wrexham following the Hollywood takeover and recent successes of Wrexham FC. This has resulted in increased opportunities and interest for investment in Wrexham and has boosted local pride in the centre of the city that serves the whole community.

What do we want to know?

Firstly, we want to know how much you agree or disagree with what’s in the Plan as it stands, and then we want to get your wider views to make the Plan as representative as possible.


This is the central area of Wrexham covered by the Placemaking Plan.


Just as the wider economy of Wrexham has been transformed over the past twenty years, Wrexham’s centre needs to go through its own period of transformation. Work is already under way, in response to changing trends in shopping and living, and to grow its cultural, commercial and community assets. However, there are significant challenges facing the centre that the proposed strategies and projects set out in the Plan will seek to directly address.

  • Local people’s preference to visit and spend more of their money in out of town retail parks and neighbouring towns than in the centre of Wrexham
  • Need for a range of new and appealing activities and facilities to attract more families, students and households living in outlying countryside communities
  • Negative external perceptions and concerns about anti-social behaviour
  • Vacant property remain a challenge and there’s a lack of owner/investor confidence in the centre
  • The leisure and cultural offer is relatively small and undeveloped, and there’s a need for a stronger family entertainment and evening economy
  • Reduced demand for office space and declining employment base
  • The scale and type of residential development in the centre hasn’t realised the desired regeneration benefits
  • Navigation and wayfinding across the centre are poor with pedestrian and cycling routes obstructed, counter-intuitive and unattractive
  • The value and potential of historic buildings and environment has not been fully realised or celebrated.
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View more details for consultation Wrexham Woodland Pledge Wrexham Woodland Pledge Wrexham County Borough Council 25 Jul 2022 30 Dec 2024
Why are we doing this?

Trees and woodlands are an essential part of our towns and countryside. They are important for our health, wellbeing and quality of life. We cannot take their future for granted.

Climate change, pests and diseases, building development, modern agricultural practices and misplaced perceptions of risk are just some of the problems that threaten our trees.

At Wrexham Council we have developed the ‘Woodland Pledge’ to help protect trees and woodlands across the county borough. The pledge also encourages people to get outdoors to enjoy trees and woodlands in their neighbourhood.

What do we want to know?
  • We want to know how the people of Wrexham feel about trees and woodlands in their county.
  • We want people to demonstrate their support for trees and woodlands in Wrexham by signing up to the pledge .
  • We want to encourage everyone to join, including those who are part of a local business, community group or organisation.
  • By signing up to the pledge you will join our mailing list, where you can find out how to get involved in 4 different ways:

1. Woodland creation

Tree planting to create new woodland or expand existing woodlands throughout Wrexham. Help us plant more trees by joining one of our tree planting schemes across the county.

2. Woodland conservation

Protect and enhance areas of existing woodland for biodiversity, climate change recovery and good quality habitat.

3. Woodland celebration

Allow nature connection within woodlands for health, wellbeing, play and education.

4. Woodland commendation

Understand how valuable trees and woodlands are to our everyday lives.