Open Space in Wrexham

Open Space in Wrexham

Why are we doing this?: 

The declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency by Wrexham County Borough Council, and the publication of our Decarbonisation plan demonstrates WCBC’s commitment to improving the land in our ownership, for the purpose of carbon reduction and carbon sequestration.   


The Council is the custodian of a wide range of ‘open space’, which is used for a variety of purposes.  Whilst over recent years WCBC have begun the gradual move to a more biodiversity-led approach to our land management, it is vital that we accelerate, this shift in focus; and ensure that our open spaces are managed and used appropriately – depending on their intended use. 


Through a range of project work and grant-funded initiatives, the Council continue to work with communities to involve them in the improvement and effective use of open spaces, increasing their skills and understanding; whilst creating a deeper connection to the natural environment where they live. 


WCBC acknowledge the key role that open spaces, nature and the local environment play in the lives of individuals, families and communities.  Therefore we are developing a new ‘Open Space Strategy’ which sets out our vision and objectives for how we manage, use and protect these spaces now, and for the future.

What do we want to know?: 

This consultation will take you through key parts of the draft strategy and ask for your views.  You can also click here to see a copy of the strategy in full.

Consultation start date 21 July 2023
Consultation end date 01 September 2023


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