Mobile network coverage in Wrexham city centre

Mobile network coverage in Wrexham city centre

Why are we doing this?: 

We would like to gather some specific information to feedback to the mobile network operators to try and improve mobile network coverage in Wrexham city centre.

If you have experienced mobile network issues within Wrexham city centre, we would be grateful if you could answer four questions to help us provide the relevant feedback to network operators.

What we found out: 

This was a great help to provide more evidence to the mobile network operators, this will hopoefully identify the need for improvement in mobile coverage in Wrexham. The additional information from the survey will give us some real time insight into the problems our residents have with poor connectivity. 

This has been shared with mobile network providers to give them a better understanding of the problem 

What difference has it made?: 

BT have shared that they are planning to upgrade 6 mast sites to bolster netwok strength.

The Local authority are looking at ways where current infrastructure can be shared to provide better digital connectivity.

Consultation start date 05 May 2023
Consultation end date 14 July 2023


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