Tree and Woodland Strategy Draft-  Consultation

Tree and Woodland Strategy Draft- Consultation

Why are we doing this?: 

To engage with the public on the proposed new strategy for Wrexham County Borough's Trees and Woodlands.

What do we want to know?: 

The views of residents and other stakeholders of the aims, objectives and action plan in the draft strategy.

What we found out: 

The results of the consultation demonstrated that trees are an important part of the landscape and the environment for the people of Wrexham County Borough.

81% agreed with the Strategy’s overall aim “That we have a sustainably managed and protected and diverse tree population with sufficient canopy cover to benefit and meet the needs of all who live, work in, and visit Wrexham County Borough”.

81% thought that the Strategy’s objectives will ensure the Strategy’s aim is achieved.

94% thought that we are right to take a modern approach to tree management where the whole tree population is managed as essential infrastructure and where we focus on overall canopy cover, population structure and diversity.

53% thought that the Council should only prune trees when they are touching property or causing an obstruction.

What difference has it made?: 

The new Tree & Woodland Strategy adopted in February 2016, includes an action plan to –

Increase in tree canopy cover in urban areas to 20% by 2026, using a diverse range of tree species.

  • Target areas of lowest tree cover for increase in tree planting.
  • Review and improve tree protection process (TPO’s).
  • Integrate tree strategy goals into new Local Development Plan.
  • Encourage greater community engagement in the care of trees and improve understanding of value of trees.

Policies have also been put in place to ensure that the Council manages its own trees and woodlands in accordance with best practice.

Consultation start date 09 July 2015
Consultation end date 30 September 2015