Consultation with parents and carers

Why are we doing this?: 

Everyone wants to make Wrexham a place where families, children and young people can achieve their potential.

We know all parents/carers  want the best for the children and young people on, we also  know that sometimes families, children and young people need support to help achieve their potential, their hopes and their dreams, and to support them when times are tough.


This consultation is about asking you about what you think, as you are the expert about you and your needs.

What do we want to know?: 

This consultation will help Wrexham Council to decide which services would be best to provide support for parents, for children and young people, for families of disabled children and young people and help with feeling safe and happy.


The kinds of services we are talking about are help for children to catch up after the pandemic, help with young people’s issues fun activities for families, respite to give parents a break, help with benefits and debt, practical and emotional support for parents and advice about children’s behaviour.


Consultation start date 03 May 2022
Consultation end date 15 June 2022


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Sian Austin