Wrexham's Last Trams

Wrexham's Last Trams

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham Heritage Service is investigating the future of its two historic tramcars and would like to know your views.

These trams are the only known survivors of Wrexham’s fleet of 10 trams purchased from Brush Electrical Engineering Company. Built in 1903, they ran between Wrexham town centre and Rhosllanerchrugog until 1927, when they were replaced by buses and the tram fleet was sold.  

The trams are currently in open storage at Bersham Colliery.  They are in poor condition, and the Heritage Service has therefore appointed consultants to advise on their future preservation. 

A draft document has been produced which investigates the history of the trams, the impact they had on Wrexham and their historical significance, before describing their current condition.

The document has highlighted a number of different possibilities for the preservation and future display of the tramcars, as well as how these can be achieved.   

For further details of the options for preservation and future display of the tramcars, please see the attached document below.

A zoom seminar will be held on Wednesday 31st March, 7.00pm - 8.30pm where the consultants and museum officers will provide further information about the feasibility study and its findings, and the different options being investigated. To book a place please click on the link here:  http://www.yourvoicewrexham.net/survey/1238



What do we want to know?: 

We want to identify preferred options for the future of Wrexham's last trams, and how these options could be achieved. 

What we found out: 

The consultants for the project have carried out in-depth analysis of the consultation results. A summary of their main findings are below.

  1. There is a lot of local interest in the trams and Wrexham’s heritage. 385 surveys were completed in total. This was a much higher number than anticipated by both staff and the consultants and shows strong interest and engagement with Wrexham’s heritage and the two trams.
  2. There was a diverse response to the consultation.
  3. There is a strong desire to keep the trams in Wrexham.  76% of respondents wanted the trams to remain in Wrexham.
  4. The preferred option is to restore the trams as a static display.  
  5. Respondents felt that professional restoration was the best option for how their preferred option could be achieved.
  6. There is local enthusiasm to volunteer to support the work involved in restoring the trams. Whilst we received fewer responses to the second part of the questionnaire, there was strong enthusiasm to support the project through volunteering.
What difference has it made?: 

The consultants will be producing a feasibility study for the trams. The results from the consultation has been analysed by them and this data will be used to inform their recommendations for the future of the two trams.  

Depending on these recommendations, if appropriate, we will use the consultation data as vital evidence to show local support and engagement as part of future funding bids for the restoration of the trams.


Consultation start date 22 March 2021
Consultation end date 16 April 2021


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