Tenant's Survey 2020 - Covid-19

Tenant's Survey 2020 - Covid-19

Why are we doing this?: 

This survey will provide us with valuable information, which will be used to evaluate our services during the Covid-19 lockdown.

What do we want to know?: 


What we found out: 

89% of people found the welfare calls they received from their local estate office to be either helpful, informative or reassuring.

The main reason people wanted estate offices to remain open, even if it was reduced opening hours, was so that they could pay their rent.


What difference has it made?: 

We are going to review all our procedures to include more support and welfare calls for tenants.


We have updated our system with current contact details following the welfare calls.


We are reviewing re-opening our Estate Offices.


Consultation start date 16 November 2020
Consultation end date 28 December 2020


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LL11 1AR
Carol Coull