Coronavirus–My Experience of it and Moving On:Survey for Children and Young People in Wrexham

Coronavirus–My Experience of it and Moving On:Survey for Children and Young People in Wrexham

Why are we doing this?: 

To consult children and young people about their lockdown experience and give them an opportunity to suggest ways in which services can support them whilst we begin to move out of lock down

What do we want to know?: 

We want to ascertain if children and young people have been affected by the pandemic, if so, we want to know how they have been affected and then what is important to them as we move out of the lockdown in terms of how services plan and reinstate service delivery for children and young people.

What we found out: 

What we found out  - The consultation allowed us to discover the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people in Wrexham.  We discovered that the main concerns for young people were loneliness and not being able to meet up with friends.  The majority were concerned about missing school, both for the academic and social benefits.  In addition young people were missing older family members like grandparents, and were very worried about their safety.  We also discovered what young people would like to see when they are finally able to return to youth work settings.  Ironically but not surprisingly the Wrexham consultation mirrored the findings from the Childrens Commissioner Consultation with very similar worries and concerns being highlighted.

What difference has it made?: 

What difference has it made? The consultation has allowed us to explore the emotional and physical impact of the pandemic.  It has allowed us to tailor our services to suit the expressed needs of young people and in some circumstances, highlighted family issues that has been signposted to appropriate services.  All in all this piece of work has allowed us to support, encourage and motivate young people through these unprecedented times and plan services to help young people and the community road to normality.            

Consultation start date 09 June 2020
Consultation end date 28 June 2020


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