Local Housing Strategy 2018-23

Local Housing Strategy 2018-23

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham County Borough Council needs a housing strategy to respond to the challenges of providing housing and has a clear framework which sets out the forthcoming direction of housing in Wrexham County Borough.

The Local Housing Strategy 2018-2023 will provide information on current provision, demand and main influences as well as outline what is required for the next five years. The strategy will consist of three parts. A one page strategy will deliver the headlines of what we want to achieve, further detail will be provided in an accompanying booklet which is a continuation of the one page strategy and an Action Plan which will detail the actions, targets and measures of how the Council will achieve the commitments outlined in the strategy.

The Strategy may need to be reviewed during its lifetime in order to respond to any changes in  legislation, funding and resources which cannot be predicted at present.

This strategy is not a stand-alone document and reflects the priorities in Wrexham County Borough Council’s Plan. Both the Council Plan and the Local Housing Strategy support and are underpinned by a  number of themes in current legislation. We recognise that a housing strategy is not just about “bricks and mortar”. It is about regeneration, prosperity, aspirations, economic growth and supporting people to live in their homes and communities.

The Local Housing Strategy will follow three themes:

  • More Housing More Choice
  • Improving Homes and Communities
  • Better Services to improve people’s lives
What do we want to know?: 

We welcome your input and views into what Wrexham has defined as its objectives  to develop and directly shape housing delivery for the county borough.

Consultation start date 16 April 2018
Consultation end date 09 June 2018


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