Information, Advice & Assistance Survey

Information, Advice & Assistance Survey

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham Adult Social Care Department recognises that the right information and advice; given at the right time, can empower people to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

Our vision is that Wrexham citizens are able to get information and advice about how to improve their independence and wellbeing, when they need it, in the way they need it, wherever they look for it.

We want our citizens to have the information and support they need to live safe, active, healthy lives and to be able to live independently for longer.  A key aspect of achieving this outcome is for citizens to have easy access to Information, Advice & Assistance.  Section 17 of the Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014 places a duty upon the Local Authority to establish an Information, Advice and Assistance service.


What do we want to know?: 

To determine how best to provide this service, the Adult Social Care Department at Wrexham County Borough Council is conducting a survey to seek the views of people who have experience of requesting and obtaining information and advice in Wrexham.  We are also keen to hear from people who have not received this service but may need to in the future.

The information from this survey will be used to inform our commissioning intentions for Information & Advice services across the County over the next 5 years.

We would be very grateful if you could take the time to complete this survey for us. If you like, you can ask a friend or relative to help you fill in the questionnaire.  Your answers will be treated confidentially and you will not be personally identified.



Consultation start date 12 October 2017
Consultation end date 24 November 2017


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