Difficult Decisions 2018-20

Difficult Decisions 2018-20

Why are we doing this?: 

Local Councils have less money to spend on services because Government (UK and Wales) are giving us less money in our budgets every year.  Wrexham Council has already saved around £18 million in the last three years, and we think we’re going to have to find another £13 million over the next two years. Overall, we have had to make savings of £52 million since 2008.

We want to be able to deliver good services to you, and we’re always looking for ways to get better at what we’re doing.  We are working hard to become a more modern organisation and to make sure that we have the right staff and services in place to meet the needs of local people. 

We are trying to make savings which don’t affect the public in a bad way, but as we have less and less money to spend every year, it’s getting harder.  We are also given new responsibilities by Welsh Government every year, which all cost money and time (e.g. changes in Social Services).

What do we want to know?: 

Over the last few years lots of you have told us your thoughts about our proposals.  Your opinions and ideas have helped us to decide on the changes we are making.

This year, there are some ideas which we are telling you about, which we don’t think will have any effect on you; and so we’re not asking for your thoughts about these.  We’re telling you because we want to give you as much information as we can about all of the different things we’re doing to save money and get better at what we do.  There are some ideas we would like your opinion about; and we would also like to know if you have any ideas which we haven’t thought of.

Once we’ve got all of your views, they’ll be used by Councillors to make decisions about next year’s budget in January and February 2018.

You can find more information about the budget proposals at www.wrexham.gov.uk/budgetconsultation  

We need to have all of your responses by 30th November to make sure we have chance to take them into account before making final decisions in the New Year.

What we found out: 

More than 3,700 people took part in the consultation and gave their views about the proposals we made, as well as making some suggestions of their own.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part for their time.

What difference has it made?: 

The results from the consultation were presented to Elected Members in order to shape the decisions they made about Wrexham County Borough Council's budget for 2018/19.

The 'You Said, We Did' report details what decisions have been made about each of the proposals presented for consultation.

Consultation start date 25 October 2017
Consultation end date 30 November 2017


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