Difficult Decisions 2017/18

Difficult Decisions 2017/18

Why are we doing this?: 

Local authorities continue to face reductions in funding from Central Government, which means that Councils must continue to find ways to function and deliver services whilst budgets continue to reduce. In Wrexham we estimate that we need to save a further £5million over the next year. This is in addition to the £25million already saved over the last three years.

We are committed to delivering the services outlined in our Council Plan. We continue to look for ways to improve our services, making them more efficient in order to prioritise, as far as possible, our frontline services.  These improvements include modernising the way we work, and reviewing staffing levels and structures to reduce costs whilst effectively delivering our reshaped services. We are also committed to ensuring that we are able to answer your enquiries at the first point of contact wherever possible, and (in keeping with the world around us) increasing our online services.

What do we want to know?: 

Over the past few years, you have told us what you thought about our proposals for savings, through our annual budget consultations (with over 1,700 of you taking part in last year’s consultation). Your feedback, thoughts and suggestions have informed the decisions made about the budget we have set each year, and have also informed the way we have looked to identify future savings, and transform the way we work.  

There are a number of ways you can tell us what you think.

  1. Please complete the survey – either online or in paper version telling us to what extent you agree with the proposals we are making.
  2. There will be more detailed consultations conducted with service users for some of these proposals – which will also contribute to the decision making process.
  3. You could also write to us at ‘Tell Us What You Think’.  3rd Floor Annex. The Guildhall. Wrexham. LL11 1AY
  4. Or email us at telluswhatyouthink@wrexham.gov.uk (please mark your correspondence ‘Difficult Decisions’)

The closing date for responses to this consultation is 26th October 2016.

Please note that whilst we will welcome and take account of all views received, we are not able to reply to individual questions or comments sent in response to this consultation. 

Thank you for taking part in this consultation – we value your views.

What we found out: 

More than 1,000 people took part in the consultation and gave their views about the proposals we made, as well as making some suggestions of their own.

We'd like to thank everyone who took part for their time.

What difference has it made?: 

The results from the consultation were presented to Elected Members in order to shape the decisions they made about Wrexham County Borough Council's budget for 2017/18.

The 'You Said, We Did' report details what decisions have been made about each of the proposals presented for consultation.

Consultation start date 14 September 2016
Consultation end date 27 October 2016