Adult Social Care Questionnaire for Carers

Adult Social Care Questionnaire for Carers

Why are we doing this?: Adult Social Care would like to know about your experience of being a Carer in Wrexham to help us to improve our support for you and others who are Carers.
What do we want to know?: We want to know about your experience of Wrexham Adult Social Care.  Please tell us what we are doing well and what we need to change
What we found out: 

66 unpaid carers told us they had not been offered a Carers Needs Assessment

A number of unpaid carers told us they did not accept the offer of a Carers Needs Assessment;

A number of unpaid carers told us that their views have not really been listened to when discussing the needs of the person they care for

We were informed by some unpaid carers that Wrexham Council has not helped to improve their quality of life, and that access to support from Adult Social Care is still not straight forward

A number of unpaid carers told us that they cannot access information from Wrexham Adult Social care that is helpful about being an unpaid carer, and they did not know where to go to get the information they needed

Some unpaid carers informed us that they did not know enough about unpaid carers direct payments from Adult Social Care

A number of unpaid carers told us that they did not feel supported by their social contacts, social support networks and other relationships




What difference has it made?: 

The findings within this survey highlight the need for WCBC Social Care and NEWCIS to adopt better systems to raise awareness on the definition of what, and who, is an unpaid carer, and to understand their experiences in order to provide the right support, at the right time, across Wrexham.

In view of the above responses from the Annual Carer Survey, Wrexham Social Care recognises that the unpaid carer agenda is a high priority. In response, Wrexham Council has secured funding and is developing a newly appointed Carers Lead Officer post who will take the lead role of working closely with unpaid carers, organisations and community groups across the Wrexham County Borough, to ensure the needs of unpaid carers are considered in current services, and in the development of future service delivery.

WCBC consulted with a number of unpaid carers, and partner organisations across Wrexham, on what needs to be considered in developing the job description and Person Specification for the role.

Consultation start date 01 August 2021
Consultation end date 31 August 2021


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