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We want to give you, as practitioners, an opportunity to share your views, and for you to voice your opinion on the services and provision in your area. This survey has been created to gather your thoughts and opinions to feed back to Wrexham County Borough Council, so as to identify any gaps in provision or improvements that could be made.

This is your chance for your voice to be heard and to provide input to enhance services in your area.

The early years is as the period of life from pre-birth to the end of Foundation Phase, or 0 to 7 years of age and the services include: 

  • Maternity services, health visiting and GPs
  • Mental health support for parents
  • Parenting and relationship support services
  • Parent and toddler groups
  • Play provision
  • Childcare
  • Primary school
  • Speech and language services
  • Disability services
  • Financial support services
  • Housing and tenancy support


The information you provide will be treated confidentially, in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations. Any data provided by you will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act and in its provision, you consent to the Council processing the data for the purpose for which it is obtained provide for it.

Any personal information will be treated in the strictest confidence and will only be used by the Council or disclosed to others for a legally permissible purpose.
We use consultation and engagement activities to ask to you have your say on a range of topics. We want everyone in our community to have the chance to join the discussion about the services we design and deliver; and to help shape the future of Wrexham County Borough.

The thoughts you share with us will be used to inform this consultation. We may also share anonymous feedback in the future to help shape other Council and partner consultations and services, to inform work we deliver together. This may help us avoid asking the same or similar questions many times. We hope by taking this approach the future of services in Wrexham will be more focussed on what matters most to the people of Wrexham.