Climate Change and Decarbonisation

Why are we doing this?: 

In Wales we have ambitious plans for the public sector to be carbon neutral by 2030 and in response to our declaration of a Climate and Ecological Emergency in 2019, we have developed a plan for the decarbonisation of the council’s services. As part of our plan, we want to work with people who live and work in Wrexham to increase awareness and understanding of the changes we all must make and to support people with those changes, especially in the light of the current energy and cost of living crisis.

What do we want to know?: 

To better understand what people know about climate change as well as what they already do and to help us to target our support during these difficult times, we would appreciate your responses to the following questions. Everyone that takes part will be entered into a draw for one of these energy saving and carbon reducing prizes: Portable Solar Charger, Bike voucher, Slow Cookers, Air Fryers, Mobile phone solar chargers, Annual Pass to Xplore!,

Consultation start date 05 September 2022
Consultation end date 30 November 2022


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Rachel Penman