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We use consultation and engagement activities to ask to you have your say on a range of topics. We want everyone in our community to have the chance to join the discussion about the services we design and deliver; and to help shape the future of Wrexham County Borough.

The thoughts you share with us will be used to inform this consultation. We may also share anonymous feedback in the future to help shape other Council and partner consultations and services, to inform work we deliver together. This may help us avoid asking the same or similar questions many times. We hope by taking this approach the future of services in Wrexham will be more focussed on what matters most to the people of Wrexham.

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Early Years Parents Consultation

Early Years Parents Consultation

Why are we doing this?: 

It has been especially challenging to be expecting and/or a parent of a young child in recent times. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the value of support services and provision for pregnancy and the early years more than ever. Many of you will have experienced a feeling of isolation followed by relief as services and provision opened up again. Well done for making your way through!

Wrexham County Borough Council has asked Children in Wales to carry out a consultation with parents to look closely at the maternity and early years services that are offered to you and your child.

Support/advice – if you feel you need further support, or would like to discuss things further please contact Wrexham Family Information service 01978 292094 or

What do we want to know?: 

Have you ever thought: Why are they doing that? Where did that idea come from? I would have done it differently. How can I say what I think? Why haven’t they asked me? 

This is your chance for your voice to be heard and have input into the services YOU use.



Consultation start date 10 May 2022
Consultation end date 12 June 2022


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