Early Years Practitioners Consultation

Why are we doing this?: 

It has been a challenging period to work in maternity and early years services during recent times. The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the value of support services and provision into sharp focus. Many parents will have experienced feelings of isolation followed by relief as services and provision opened up again. Equally, practitioners have needed to balance their own family needs whilst working in extraordinary circumstances. Parents and practitioners are to be congratulated for making their way through this difficult period.

Wrexham County Borough Council has asked Children in Wales to carry out a consultation with both parents and practitioners to look closely at the provision of maternity and early years services offered in the county.  Focusing on quality, sufficiency of provision; integration across services, transition between provision and involvement of parents/carers.

This is your chance for your voice to be heard and to provide input to enhance services in your area.

What do we want to know?: 

We want to give you, as practitioners, an opportunity to share your views, and for you to voice your opinion on the services and provision in your area. This survey has been created to gather your thoughts and opinions to feed back to Wrexham County Borough Council, so as to identify any gaps in provision or improvements that could be made.

Consultation start date 10 May 2022
Consultation end date 12 June 2022


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