Early Years Parents Consultation

Why are we doing this?: 

It has been especially challenging to be expecting and/or a parent of a young child in recent times. The Coronavirus pandemic has shown the value of support services and provision for pregnancy and the early years more than ever. Many of you will have experienced a feeling of isolation followed by relief as services and provision opened up again. Well done for making your way through!

Wrexham County Borough Council has asked Children in Wales to carry out a consultation with parents to look closely at the maternity and early years services that are offered to you and your child.

Support/advice – if you feel you need further support, or would like to discuss things further please contact Wrexham Family Information service 01978 292094 or fis@wrexham.gov.uk

What do we want to know?: 

Have you ever thought: Why are they doing that? Where did that idea come from? I would have done it differently. How can I say what I think? Why haven’t they asked me? 

This is your chance for your voice to be heard and have input into the services YOU use.



What we found out: 

Quality of provision

Parents feel that they have good relationships with community services, services such as social and health services could be improved. Parents said that they are more likely to approach third sector services for help and support as they wouldn’t feel as judged.

Social Services was identified as being a good support for Kinship carers, but for others it was not a service which was seen in a positive light where there should be early intervening earlier before issues escalate.

Many parents made reference to midwives and health visitors:

  • Midwifery:  Parents commented that they received better care from student midwives or in hospital settings, and from those that had just started their shift.
  • Health Visiting:  Some parents stated that they provided good support and others stated they were provided little or no support at all.


Integration across services, access to provision

Several parents expressed poor communication between services resulting in them having to repeat things.

Parents expressed the difference between provision in Flying Start areas and non-Flying Start areas as being unfair in the way  that the eligibility criteria allocates services to, and favours those they deem as living in poor areas.


Information and advice about provision

Health visitors that were highly recognised as a source providing advice and support.

Parents reported the lockdown has been difficult as during this period it was hard to get information. The main ways of them gaining information and advice were from attending groups, health visitors and midwives, doctors, Facebook/Social Media, friends and family alongside specific sources of information and advice from Social Services, Foster Care services, Family Information Service, Carers information page on Facebook (NEWCIS), Wrexham parent’s community Facebook page and Homestart.


Transition between provisions

Some parents expressed that they did not know what was happening at the next stage of their child’s life until it happened. The main area of concern was a lack of knowledge about the transition to school and feeling it being separate from other services.


Sufficiency of provision

There was a positive response in relation to the support provided by both midwives and health visitors, some parents expressed this was not the case. Childcare/education also scored highly in the support parents received.

Parents were also asked to share what services/provision they felt were missing. A range of ideas were identified such as support with childcare, groups/activities, finances, mental health, involving fathers, prenatal, birth and post-natal and general information sharing.


Involvement of parents in planning, designing and reviewing provision (coproduction)

Those who did want to be involved suggested:

  • Set up forums and discussion groups
  • Face to face spaces for families to give honest feedback that is listened to and acted upon
What difference has it made?: 

This consultation will:

  • Assist and inform the planning and development of services for children and families within the early years
  • Provide engagement opportunities for parents in Wrexham to get involved in the planning and development of services
  • Help inform consistency of access to services and support for families living out of catchment area for Flying Start (the expansion of Flying Start is currently part of a current Welsh government programme)
Consultation start date 10 May 2022
Consultation end date 12 June 2022


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