Covid19 effects on Mental Health and Wellbeing: children and young people in Wrexham and Flintshire2

Why are we doing this?: 

In, March 2020 we ran a consultation to find out how the Covid pandemic had affected young people in Wrexham and Flintshire, this supported the work of the Public Service Boards, Wrexham Youth Service and Flintshire Integrated Youth Provision which helped with the recovery plans to support young people’s wellbeing and mental health.

What do we want to know?: 

We have now developed a second consultation, we would like to see how young people’s wellbeing and mental health is now 12 months on, if its improved or not and where further supported needed.

What we found out: 

This consultation highlights the need for us to re- think about how we support young people going forward after the pandemic, looking at the results, the majority of young people need more support and help now than they did between March 2020 and during the pandemic. As we come out of the Covid pandemic is clear to see young people are still struggling with the effects of last 2 years and the toll on their mental health and wellbeing and seem to be getting worse. 

We have all as a society changed due to the pandemic, the impact has affected everyone’s lives in one way or another. However It is clear that young people are finding it harder than others to be able to move on, there mental health and wellbeing has been challenged with very little or no support over the previous lockdowns.

What difference has it made?: 

These results reflect what young people have gone and still going through.                                                    

Furthermore, this consultation process will help WCBC and Flintshire Council to produce new and innovative ideas, by keeping services current and thriving. It will help enhance relationships with service users and further develop knowledge of their wants and needs. It has provided us with direct live feedback from young people and will enhance a closer connection within our communities.

Consultation start date 06 May 2022
Consultation end date 17 June 2022


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