Survey - Wrexham Museum and the new Football Museum for Wales redevelopment project

Survey - Wrexham Museum and the new Football Museum for Wales redevelopment project

Why are we doing this?: 

Wrexham Council, in partnership with the Welsh Government, are undertaking a major redevelopment of the Wrexham Museum building to create a joint Football Museum for Wales and Wrexham Museum located on one site. The museum will recognise the importance of football in Wales and secure Wrexham’s place as the spiritual home of football in Wales.


The new Football Museum will be a major new attraction for Wrexham town centre, drawing visitors from all over the country and beyond. It will tell the story of football in Wales, from the clubs, communities and supporters across the country, all the way up to the national teams and their historic achievements.


The Football Museum will sit alongside new galleries exploring the history of Wrexham, from the stories of its prehistoric residents told through archaeological evidence, the Roman period, medieval times, the struggles and challenges of the age of industry, the wars of the modern era, and how people of Wrexham have lived, worked and socialised up to the present day through the collections held in trust by the museum.


To help us develop and design a museum which meets the needs of visitors and communities across Wales, we would like to hear your views. You can help by answering the following questions – the survey should take no more than 10 minutes.  Your answers will remain confidential and will only be used to inform the early proposals for the museum.

What do we want to know?: 

- An understanding of the motivations of current visitors to Wrexham Museum, and their likes and dislikes of the current visitor experience. 

- An understanding of our non-user profile, who they are and the barriers preventing them from visiting Wrexham Museum. 

- An understanding of what visitors would like to experience at the new museum which will include the Football Museum for Wales. 

What we found out: 

Key findings from the survey:

  • 529 responses were received in total
  • 51% of respondents had visited Wrexham Museum previously
  • Those responding to the questionnaire came from across Wales as well as some from England.
  • 75% of respondents considered themselves to be Welsh.
  • 67% of respondents were male, and 33% were female. 
  • Majority of respondents were aged between 35-64.  Only 5% were under 24.

The survey also found that….

  • 80% of all respondents were interested in an expansion of the core local history offer of Wrexham museum.
  • In addition to this, 84% of people were interested in the new Football Museum for Wales.
  • Football memorabilia is frequently listed as visitors’ favourite exhibits, alongside industrial history of the area and specific objects such as the Mold Cape and Brymbo man.
  • When asked what could be improved, visitors suggested more rotating and visiting exhibitions, increased advertising as well as a larger and brighter museum space.
  • When asked what would encourage people to visit the most common responses were interactive and engaging exhibitions, and activities and events with the football collection.
  • Very few people were interested in a development of retail or education sessions, but 50% of people suggested that better publicity about the museum and events would make them more likely to visit the museum.

What difference has it made?: 

What happens next

The results of the survey are now being discussed with the design team and will help inform the early proposals for the new Football Museum and revamped Wrexham Museum.

Consultation start date 01 November 2021
Consultation end date 15 November 2021


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