Senedd yr Ifanc

Senedd yr Ifanc

Why are we doing this?: 

Please can you support the Senedd yr Ifanc with a quick Market Research questionnaire? We are aiming to find out what would attract young people to joining the Senedd yr Ifanc or what would stop them from joining. Please answer all questions openly and honestly, all answers are confidential.

The Senedd Yr Ifanc Wrecsam is Wrexham Youth Parliament. The Senedd is made up of Young People aged 11- 25. The Senedd works on county wide issues that affect the Young People of Wrexham.

The Senedd meets every last Monday of the month. The Senedd meetings are structured meetings with formal and informal sections. During a Senedd meeting professionals will come to speak to the Senedd to gather the views and opinions on specific issues. Senedd meetings can also include debates, issue based work groups, training, consultations and much more.

Any young person can become a representative of the Senedd, you will be responsible for ensuring that the views of other young people are considered in matters affecting young people across the county.

The Senedd gives young people the chance to have their say and a voice on matters that affect them.

What do we want to know?: 

Free entry into £30 prize draw for a voucher of your choice if you complete this questionnaire.

What we found out: 

These results will be used to help members of the Senedd yr Ifanc advertise for new members.


What difference has it made?: 

Through advertising, we have gained 3 new members.

Consultation start date 25 October 2021
Consultation end date 22 November 2021


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