Biennial Ballot Paper 2021

Biennial Ballot Paper 2021

Why are we doing this?: 

The Senedd yr Ifanc is the Wrexham Youth Parliament, we work with young people aged 11-25 to improve and work on issues that affect the young people in Wrexham. 

Every two years we consult with young people in Wrexham to identify the top issue that will be our main focus.   The results of this ballot will be what we focus on in 2022-2024. 

What do we want to know?: 

This ballot paper aims to find the most important issue to you. You will find a number of issues that young people have highlighted to the Senedd yr Ifanc. Please look at the consultation and tell us your top issue. 

What we found out: 

The poll showed that the young people of Wrexham want the Senedd yr Ifanc to work on Welfare and Mental Health for the next 2 years.

What difference has it made?: 

Senedd y Ifanc now has an issue to work on for the next two years.

Consultation start date 06 September 2021
Consultation end date 05 November 2021