Shaping the Future of Wrexham Library Outreach Service

Shaping the Future of Wrexham Library Outreach Service

Why are we doing this?: 

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in March 2020, Wrexham Library Service has had to change how it delivers outreach library services to rural communities, where residents have little or limited access to a branch library and or public transport.

In autumn 2020 Wrexham Public Library Service has safely unlocked and gradually introduced a four week Outreach Library Service in partnership with some of our local communities, where by residents and library customers can order, collect and return library items. Priority for the Outreach Library Service has been given to local communities who have no branch library, and little or limited regular public transport. It is envisage that as this service expands, it will engage with all Community Councils and Community Agents

The big challenge we have is to reach more residents with Wrexham Library Outreach Service.


What do we want to know?: 

The Mobile Library

The Mobile Library Service, before the pandemic, was the second busiest branch after Wrexham Library. It operated on a 3-week rota, visiting 71 stops in the county borough.

The Mobile Library, since autumn 2020, has been offering and delivering a COVID safe service in the form of a ‘Pop-Up Library Service’ and an ‘Order and Direct Delivery Service’ utilising the library transit and box vehicles. This proposed delivery model would be in line with Wrexham County Borough Councils commitment to become carbon neutral by 2030, and would see the investment in an electric vehicle.

We want your thoughts on how your Outreach Library Service will reach you in the future. 

Homelink/Housebound Library

Homelink library delivers library materials to people’s homes if they are housebound due to illness, failing health, disability or are unable to visit their local branch library due to caring responsibilities.

We are consulting to seek views about this service.

Other communities currently without a community-based library provision

We are aware that there are many communities across Wrexham with no community-based library provision at all. Whilst this consultation is not about an increase in resources, it is about finding ways to reach more people by doing things differently.

We are keen to hear whether a Pop-Up Library Service, in partnership with a community venue, would be a viable option in communities and if so where and with whom.

What we found out: 

The findings from this consultation were included in a report to Customers, Performance, Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee on Thursday 30th September 2021.

Please follow the link below to view and download the report.Customers, Performance, Resources and Governance Scrutiny Committee, Thursday, 30th September, 2021

What difference has it made?: 

It was agreed that the Committee:

  1. Recommend that the Executive Board defer consideration of the proposed Library Outreach Service, to allow for an All Member Workshop to be held.
  2. The Member Workshop be used to consider issues such as the identification of specific venues and their capacities to hold the Library Outreach Services in the future; funding implications, the availability and sustainability of these venues and the use of an alternative vehicle.
Consultation start date 16 July 2021
Consultation end date 27 August 2021


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