Standards of Wrexham Services

Standards of Wrexham Services

Why are we doing this?: 

Standards of Wrexham Services (SWS) is consulting with service users in order to help Wrexham County Borough Council to plan for the new Crown Buildings.

This consultation will be an ongoing process of co-production with citizens.



What do we want to know?: 

We want to know what our respondents views are of provision for those with disabilities in Wrexham and how WCBC could provide better for people with disabilities.

What we found out: 

This report shares the findings of the survey and puts forward how these findings can help make sure that the Community Health and Wellbeing facility is a great addition to the town and makes a real difference to the lives, health and well-being of Wrexham citizens.

../UploadedFiles/SWS Engagement Report Final EN (1).pdf

../UploadedFiles/ER 438 Easy Read Crown Buildings Well-Being Facility Citizen Engagement Report ENG(1).pdf


What difference has it made?: 

This consultation has contributed to the planning and design of the Wellbeing hub to include accessible facilities and inclusive spaces.

  • Changing Places (fully accessible) toilets facilities
  • Accessible/ flexible community spaces
  • Sensory room
  • Play areas

The findings are being used to inform the future development of the Wellbeing hub and ensure citizens are fully involved:

  • Provide engagement opportunities for citizens Wrexham to get involved in the planning and development of services.
  • Involve citizens in planning and running the new well-being centre.

The findings raised important themes that we will take forward across the Council and with our partners to:

  • Put inclusion, diversity and equality at the heart of wellbeing in Wrexham and actively work to remove barriers to inclusion.
  • Work with businesses and organisations in the town centre and across Wrexham to make sure all citizens are welcome and services and facilities are accessible to all.
  • Listen to what you have said, work with you to address the issues raised, and take forward your ideas.
Consultation start date 01 March 2021
Consultation end date 31 March 2022


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