Wrexham Council's Decarbonisation Plan

Wrexham Council's Decarbonisation Plan

Why are we doing this?: 

The Climate Emergency is one of the most important topics of our time and one which we must address quickly. The Welsh Government declared a Climate Emergency in Wales, thereby setting ambitious plans for the public sector to be carbon neutral by 2030.

The Council has also declared a Climate and Ecological Emergency which will target the decarbonisation of Council operations and promote the protection and enhancement of its natural environment.  Full Council approved a motion to develop a clear Decarbonisation Plan for the authority. The Plan will set an agenda and programme of works for creating a ‘carbon positive’ organisation.

We are asking you the community, for your feedback, ideas, discussion points that will ultimately feed into the creation and establishment of our Decarbonisation plan. We know that our work will centre on the 4 main categories highlighted, and we will give you a bit of background to each one. However;  we welcome your thoughts and ideas for each topic, and how we can create exciting and innovative projects,  that will not only support the aims and objectives of our plan, but also support the protection and enhancement of our natural environment for future generations.  


What we found out: 

The consultation showed us that in general people were supportive of the actions and activities that we were proposing to undertake as part of the plan.  We received a handful of comments from people who expressed concern about the amount of money that would be required in order to implement all of the actions, and questioning whether this work should be a priority in the current pandemic emergency.  However, on the whole respondents were supportive and felt that some ideas could be taken even further to ensure a real difference can be made to carbon emissions and the climate emergency.

What difference has it made?: 

The views that people expressed in the consultation were shared with Elected Members and officers, and were used to shape the final version of WCBC’s decarbonisation plan.  This plan was approved by full Council in May 2021 (see attached plan).

Consultation start date 06 November 2020
Consultation end date 13 December 2020


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