North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority Public Consultation 2020 onwards

North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority Public Consultation 2020 onwards

Why are we doing this?: 

Who is this consultation aimed at?

If you have an interest in the future of North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, then this consultation is aimed at you. 

Every year, before deciding on its plan for the following year, North Wales Fire and Rescue Authority invites comments on a particular subject.  The ideas, insights and different points of view that people contribute can be really helpful for making sure that the Authority’s plan for the following year is a good one. 

You don’t need to be an expert in environmental issues to respond.  All that the Authority asks is that you think seriously about the issues and submit your views, ideas or information by the deadline. 


What is this consultation about?

This year the Authority is asking about developing a long-term Environment and Sustainability Strategy.  What do you think that Strategy should include?  What should be at the forefront of the Authority’s thinking in terms of planning for the next 20 or 30 years?  What ideas do you have for the services that it might provide in the next decades?

Looking back over the past 30 years, we have seen significant changes in how people live and also what local people expect to contribute towards, and receive from, public services.  What do you think is likely to happen over the next 30 years?  Is there anything specific to North Wales that needs to be considered?

Climate change, environmental responsibility, social responsibility…what would you like to see in the Fire and Rescue Service’s plans for the future?  Everyone knows that it is a Service that has changed and adapted to a great extent over the years.  But waiting until the last minute before reacting is rarely the best way of doing things, which is why the Authority needs to plan ahead with an adaptable long-term strategy. 

We hope you find the information provided useful and that this will encourage you to submit your views before 31 December 2019. Details on how to respond are available at the end of the document.




What do we want to know?: 

Why adopt a new Environmental and Sustainability Strategy for 2020 onwards?

We are seeking your views on developing an Environmental and Sustainability Strategy for 2020 onwards.

Consultation start date 18 September 2019
Consultation end date 31 December 2019


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