Perfect Engagement 360

Perfect Engagement 360

Why are we doing this?: The Perfect Engagement event came out of 12 month’s work of engaging with people who use Substance Misuse Services in Wrexham County Borough. This event was service users’ idea. The aim of the event is to give people who use Substance Misuse Services in Wrexham an opportunity to talk about their experience of using these services. However, a second and arguably more important aim is to feedback the outcome of these discussions to providers and commissioners of the services at the event on the same day.
What do we want to know?: Within the context of substance misuse services and wider context of recovery (many service users have dual diagnosis of substance misuse and mental health issues). Three questions will be asked:
  • What works well for you about Wrexham services?
  • What could work better about services in Wrexham?
  • What gaps are there in services in Wrexham?
What we found out: 


  • Aftercare support and services need to be developed as a matter of urgency

  • ‘Out of hours’ support also needs developing as a matter of urgency

  • The need for service providers to complete extensive paperwork needs to be reviewed and revised to free up more time for professionals to engage with service users

 These 3 key priority recommendations arose out of a consensus reached by service users, service providers and service commissioners during the event.

What difference has it made?: 

New services have been provided at Ty Croeso, the recovery movement is a model of success in Wales, service user involvement embedded in service delivery.

Consultation start date 14 February 2013
Consultation end date 14 February 2013


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